Fitness stuff.

I just finished my first full week of JMBR for this round (my 5th!!) and I’m feeling good! We’ve been going for long walks too, and I’m definitely gaining strength and improving conditioning that way too. My foot does bug me a bit first thing in the morning though, and I think I need to start babying it again a bit. I’m not stopping my workouts though. No can do. 

With D still in our bed, (blogs about the transition will be many) it’s a bit tricky to find time to work out, but it’s got me starting my workout between 6:30-6:45 in the morning, and that’s pretty awesome. I’m also introducing a new type of low impact cardio to my life, and I’ll share more about that later. 
I really love and miss yoga, and am hoping to work at least a short yoga session back into most days, and have a whole yoga “recovery” period planned after JMBR is done. 
I just wanna be ripped, y’all. Shredded. Like really bad. Ropes n Guns n Abs. I saw a picture of myself two years ago this week, and it lit a fire under me. The tricky thing is I’m nursing D a ton still, and I won’t be weaning him, so once again, I’ve gotta make this happen while nursing. 
We are back on track with eating real food, for the most part, anyway. Pirate’s booty has its claws in me. Blargh. Need to work back into daily green smoothies to keep my belly full so I don’t get super hungry at 4 pm. 
We threw out the scale, which is a wonderful thing. It will allow me to focus more on what my body can do, and let the measure of progress be performance and how my clothes fit. 
Long term: I want to buy size 4 jeans in September. I think it’s doable. I went down 4 sizes between when Lexi was 14 mos and 18 mos, and I’m trying to do 3 sizes between 13 and 18 mos (or even close to 19-just by the end of September!) this time.
Slightly shorter: I want to wear my size 4 capris (or even my shorts!) on vacation in August. We leave 19 weeks from
Size 8 jeans: 5/2
Size 8 skinnies: 5/16
Size 6 jeans: 6/27
Size 4 capris or shorts: 8/15
Six weeks per size seems very doable to me if I can stay consistent. Honestly, once I find my groove, it should be smooth sailing. The key is to just keep swimming! 
I see so many people doing detoxes, cleanses, taking supplements, and shakes, looking for a quick fix, and I just wish for them that they could find the peace and patience to do it the right way, with moving their bodies and plenty of real food. You have to do what works for you, obviously, but I’ve tried all those things and the results don’t last, and you just end up less healthy and more unhappy.  It took me years to find my inner badass and fall in love with fitness and real food, but I’m here now and I want to bring my friends!

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