Soooo about the past few months…

It’s been foreeeever, both since I blogged and since I’ve been in a workout routine. See, we started house hunting, and the anxiety was out of control, then we found a house, and the anxiety spiked even more because of all the work ahead and the desperation to get the heck out of there, and then came the work and the move and the stress and the fast food and more work and literal all nighters unpacking….
But we are home now, and creating a new normal, and it’s going great! 
The move went as smoothly as it could-God really worked things out perfectly, and Scott was amazing at spearheading the stuff that wasn’t for me to worry over. (As well as just driving up to ikea and then assembling our new bed and dresser when we discovered black mold on the ones we had on moving day!)  I did the packing and unpacking and decorating and kid wrangling, and we made a fantastic team.  
Here’s our new home: 

We are so in love with this house and all the new freedoms and blessings that come with it! 

As far as fitness, my plan is still evolving a little bit. I restarted JMBR yesterday, starting my workout by 645 in order to be done before Scott leaves for work, and we are walking every day weather allows, but, due to not being a mile from the gym anymore, my cycle schedule is unknown. I’ll figure it out though. ☺️ I’m so happy and excited to start pouring a bit back into myself. It’s long overdue. 

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