Can I do this?

I had a “moment” during my workout this morning. It was my first post-vacation/post-injury JMBR workout and it was intense. Lots of jump lunges, jump squats, half moons, just tough! About halfway through I thought “and I’m starting BodyShred in less that five weeks? There’s no way I can do this!” But then I thought to myself-“why not? There’s no rule book that says you can’t catch your breath, can’t modify. You modify right now when you need to, don’t psych yourself out and sell yourself short. You’ve come a long way in the past few months, from 3 push-ups at a time to 18, from no squats to jump squats. You can do this, and your performance will only improve!” 

It was a tough workout, but if it was easy it would be pointless. I don’t want the results brought by doing what’s comfortable, I want the insane results from pushing way beyond what feels doable. With strict respect for my body and where it is now of course-no injuries please. Tonight is spin (after 2 weeks off) and tomorrow is recovery so I can hit it hard again the rest of the week. I’m so excited to see how strong (and, if I’m honest, how much smaller) I’ll be by Christmas! 

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