Looking at September

We are back from our wonderful vacation and I’m determined and motivated to make September a great month! There are a few part of this, and I’m gonna share and gather my thoughts here for myself and for you! 😜

Breastfeeding: more sleep! 
Declan is still nursing exclusively (no bottles, woohoo!) and I’m slowly weaning myself off the pump so not to lose my supply (vacation has me temporarily trying to boost it back at the moment!) I have stopped pumping at night, and even though this leads to more interrupted sleep, I think once I’m used to it, it will lead to much more and better sleep for me. More/better sleep means more energy and hopefully benefits for my fitness journey. 
Eating clean!
I’m ready to really clean things up around here, and commit to eating as clean  as I can, meaning cutting processed foods and as much sugar as possible. This will bring much more produce into my life and I’m really looking forward to the energy boost from that. I’m going to be keeping my food diary again, and hopefully I’ll get the hang of eating enough pretty quickly. 
No alcohol this month! 
I’m going to abstain from alcohol entirely this month. I don’t drink heavily anyway, but I’m gonna take the month off from my wine anyway, and see if it gives me a little weight loss boost. I may or may not allow red wine again sometimes in October.
Finishing Body Revolution!
I’m starting the final 4 weeks of this round of JMBR, and gearing up for BodyShred in October. I’m excited for that, and really want to start as strong as I can. 
August was a really bad month for my PPDA and I’m really hoping September is better. I’m going to spend more time having devotions, praying, and caring for myself. I’m also going to look into the possibility of group and individual therapy. 
The big goal for the month is to be comfortable in my size 8 skinnies by the time I start BodyShred, and it’s a doozy from where I sit now. I’m gonna hit it hard and eat great though, and see if I can’t hit it! The goal timeline will stay the same looking ahead, even if I take an extra couple weeks to hit this one. 
The other fitness goal is to be doing 4 sets of 25 push ups outside of my workouts twice a week by 10/5- I think this is doable, especially since I did 4 sets 18 today! 
Here’s where I’m starting the month: 
Hips: 41
Thigh: 22.5

I’d like to lose an inch off each by the end  of the month. Don’t know how doable, but it’s a goal! 

That’s what I’m looking at for this month… Let’s do this! 

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