Goal setting

So, I need to fill my waiting time actively and productively. This will reduce stress, make time go faster, and hopefully keep me too busy to dwell. Some of these goals will have dates associated, some will be for the whole month/cycle.

They’ll fall under these categories: spiritual, marriage, Lexi, fitness, home. 
-consistent devotions/prayer/prayer for others
-spend more time preparing for youth lesson and praying for students 
-look for and list the ways God is showing himself trustworthy
-plan/execute date night weekly
-find ways to show appreciation for Scott daily
– pray for Scott daily 
-learning time daily (books, puzzles, singing, etc)
– outside time daily weather permitting
-spend time doing what she wants-she will never have me to herself again. Let’s make the most of it. 
-continue push up program
-eat all calories
-stay consistent with workouts/cycle
-keep heart rate in safe zone during cycle
-get living room/Lexi bookshelf/kitchen ready for storage unit (by 5/28)
– my/Lexi’s closets/Lexi’s room ready for storage unit (by 6/4)
-things rearranged/settled/house caught up (by 6/6) 
-keep up with housework chart (starting 6/6)

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