Encouraging Thoughts

As we are about to enter this new and possibly exhausting season of fertility drugs, bloodwork, and scheduled intimacy again after two and a half years, I want to take a little time to write about the reasons I have to be encouraged and hopeful about the outcome of even the first month. 

– I am fitter than I have ever been at any point in my life, physically. I have been exercising hard and consistently for going on eight solid months now, and every week I’m amazed by what I can do.
-my menstrual cycle is more normal and predictable than it’s ever been before in my life. Ever. Since my period came back in July, I’ve missed one period other than when I was pregnant, and they all came at the exact same interval (5w2d) except this last one after the loss, which came at 6w to the day.
– I’m also fairly certain I ovulated Friday, on day 14 of my cycle-right on time! This is huge, since the major barrier to my fertility has always been the fact that I wasn’t cycling or ovulating. I think that barrier seems to have been removed, and I’m so thankful!
-clomid worked perfectly for us on only the second try back in 2011, but there’s more to it than that. The first month I didn’t ovulate. It wasn’t the right dose of the medication. But what that means is, the very first month on the right dose, I not only ovulated, but conceived! It was totally a God thing, and His timing, and I’m not taking anything from that, but wow, if I could go from not ovulating at all to pregnant with a strong healthy baby in one cycle, it seems even easier to go from a body that seems to be ovulating (and has ovulated for sure in the past few months) already to pregnant with a strong healthy baby.  And yes, I do have a secret greedy hope for twins…
As much as I am hesitant to hope and get excited on one hand, there is a part of me that is starting to get really really excited. I know God can do this, no problem, and that all the parts seem to be lining up well. All that’s left is to jump in and let Him do it!

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