A new angle on fitness

As we transition into trying to get pregnant again, I’ve realized it’s probably time to look at fitness a little differently too. Whether I want or believe or admit it or not, I’ve lost the majority of what I need to lose, and, now I need to shift my focus from dropping pounds to refining my fitness, from having a huge deficit to building strength, balance, endurance, and focus. I have a tendency to overtrain, and this is just not time for that. I don’t want to stop pushing myself, because, I mean, until I was 10 weeks along with Lexi I kept working out 17 hours a week, and everything was beyond fine. However, I have less time and energy now than I did then, and I want to keep everything reasonable.

I’ve upped everything for the past month in an effort to get a boost while my body is my own, but now I’ve evaluated what’s sustainable and smart for the next few months. This is kinda emotional in a weird way, because I’ve had to plan something that will continue to challenge me but also something that is going to be safe through my first trimester of pregnancy, even though I don’t know when I’ll actually get pregnant. It’s tough in a way I can’t fully express.  I tried out the hardest workout I’ll be doing I. The whole plan, and it’s reasonably manageable, so I’m confident it won’t be too hard when I get there again in July. I’ve planned out the next 16 weeks (including this week), keeping to the format I was using in the fall: 
M: 30 min workout/walk
Tu: 30 min workout (or yoga, which might be longer)/ walk/cycle
Wed: walk
TR: 30 min workout/walk/cycle
F: 30 min workout/walk
Sa: walk
It’s gonna be hard for me to wrap my mind around not looking for dramatic results, either on the scale or in my clothing size. I’ve bought a pair of size 4 capris, and they will be my only real tangible gauge, but I’m hoping to keep surprising myself with what I’m able to do. By the end of my current plan I’ll be at most 14 weeks pregnant, and at that point in the pregnancy I’ll transition into my pregnancy fitness program, which I’ll share more about then.  

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