Fitness stuff

3 weeks into this Bob Month I’m getting stronger and fitter for sure, and that’s awesome. I’m probably getting a little smaller too, but it’s hard to tell, because, whether I want to believe it or not, I’m pretty small (for me) and there’s just not that much left to melt off. I am still not BFF with my belly, but like I’ve said before, that’s something I’m not really gonna sweat till baby growing days are done. I’m gonna build strong abs, but I don’t need to see them right now. I’d like there to be less fat on my arms to go with my “ropes n guns” as Scott calls them, but that’s gonna take time too, as we know spot reduction is impossible. Other than that, I kinda love my body. How cool is that? I’m never gonna be shaped like the “ideal” woman, and that’s fine. I have broad shoulders and narrow hips, and not much waist, and that’s fine because I’m so strong and getting stronger. 

I don’t know if I’m eating enough though. :-/ I haven’t lost any weight in almost 2 mos on the scale, and I dunno if I’m just swapping muscle for fat or what. It could be hormones from weaning Lexi, I dunno. I do know I’m not eating too much. I rarely hit my calorie allowance on workout days, and I’m really trying to fix that. On rest days I’m starving though and have to fight not to scarf down everything in sight. I guess I could give myself the leftover calories from workout days on rest days…

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