Self care and time management

I have gotten so bad about self-care since September Baby left us.  Brushing my teeth, washing my face, applying a little makeup,styling my hair (or, let’s be real, brushing it, if I’m not going anywhere. ) these things aren’t essential to life, but they make huge difference in my well being and not one of them takes a lot of time. I have created two blocks in each day that are my time, and I think I just need to be managing them better, because if I took 10 min in the morning and 5 at night, maybe an extra 30 once or twice a week, I could feel so much less… Blah. I need to. Ale these things habitual so that when pregnancy happens and then I suddenly have two sweet angels to love on, I’m feeling good enough to include myself In the pictures that mark their lives. It’s why you almost never see a picture of me. I look like death most of the time and don’t want that memorialized. 😝 just stuff I’m sorting through…

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