A prayer from a broken heart.


You know all of me. You know all the ugliness I am struggling against right now, and the whole situation surrounding it. You know all the hearts involved and all of our weaknesses, and also our desires to glorify you, even if we aren’t always good at it. You know how I’ve hurt and how I’ve been hurt, and you’ve allowed every sorrow for a purpose, for your glory.
Right now I’m struggling with unforgiveness. The people I need to forgive may never apologize or realize where they were wrong, but I’m not responsible for that. I’m responsible to not let my hurt and anger become a wall between you and I. I thought we’d made some good progress a week ago, but something made it flare up as big as ever the past few days, and I just want it gone. I want this burden off my shoulders, and to be able to glorify you through how I love people. I want, though I also dread-to love like you, regardless of condition or circumstance. I want healing and peace in this relationship. I don’t need to be best friends, but I want there to be no tension, at least on my end. I can’t control their end, but Father please free me from bitterness and give my heart a fresh perspective. Please help me to let go of my anger and hurt and replace them with peace and contentment and hope. I know there are complicated aspects to this situation that only you can see the answer to right now, but I ask that each day you’ll show me how you want me to love, and to renew my heart with your love. I know my words aren’t all that clear, but I know you see beyond them and I thank you for that. 

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