About last night…

Last night I showed up at the gym for cycle class like any normal Tuesday, nervous, excited, ready to see what my body could really do. It’s always my biggest challenge physically and mentally to push harder and go faster and climb a steeper hill-I love it. As we all piled into the room and adjusted our bikes, we were informed that Shelle, who you know I love love love had been in a car accident (I’ve since talked to her and she’s totally fine, praise God) and wasn’t going to make it to class, and they were trying to find a sub for us. A few people left at this point, about 8-10 stayed. I texted Scott, and he told me I should get up there and lead, or at least call out drills from where I was. “It’s your goal. Or dream. Or something,”  and he’s right-it is! I’ve wanted to be a cycle instructor since my very first class. But I wasn’t that bold. Another guy called out an offer to do just that, and I told him to go for it, but nobody else responded, so he didn’t. 😦  at that point, I decided that until we had an instructor I was just going to do drills in my head. It’s tough to push oneself to the level we usually push without music, and after about 10 min another 3-5 people left. By 30 min in there were 3 of us left-I was still doing drills and intervals in my head, thinking, “ok, for the next four minutes I’m going to stand, and add a gear every 45 seconds” or “ok, 30 on, 30 off” and gettin an insane workout, especially considering I had no music. 45 min in, another person left. 55 min in, my last classmate was gone, calling a reminder to stretch over his shoulder. I finished my hour on the bike, had a good long stretch, wiped down my bike, and checked my heart rate monitor-I burned just as many calories from my hour training myself with no music as I do on any other Tuesday night! I walked out of that room seeing myself in a totally different way. My dream of being a cycle instructor feels completely in my grasp. I don’t know when it’ll happen, but I do know now that I *can*, and that is life changing. I’m still a little blown away. 

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