Can we talk about dysmorphia?

This is a bigger issue some days than others, but it remains a problem in my life. I’ve lost 57 lbs, 5 pant sizes, and people who’ve known me for years are telling me I look like a different person, but I don’t see it. When I look in the mirror, I often see the same fat girl (who was really never *that* fat, if I’m honest) I’ve been seeing my entire adult life (except when I was pregnant-I loved my body then!). I know I’m smaller. I know I look different. These are facts, undisputable because they have pretty numbers to go with. However, I still zero in on the softness around my middle, the chubby face, the way I wish my arms were more toned…and I see a fat girl. I don’t see the strong woman who reached a goal 13 years in the making, or the mom who carves out time for herself so she can enjoy her days more fully. I see my belly. My belly that is so much closer to being abs than it’s ever been, but I still hate that it’s not. I want to celrbrate how far I’ve come, but I’m distracted by how much more I still want. It’s so stupid. 

One thought on “Can we talk about dysmorphia?

  1. this is the problem I had that lead me to lose too much and get sick. It's hard to love what you see in the mirror but youre awesome, now or before, anytime you are awesome. Look in the mirror every day and compliment one thing about yourself. Each day add something new. ❤

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