Quick update

Just checking in to say that I’m finishing up my second week of round 2 of JMBR and really committing to staying consistent despite holiday interruptions. Due to being sick the end of last week, the IBS Christmas party tonight, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve, next week will be my only two cycle class week this month. 

Since my goals from here on are kind of undefined/hard to measure (I’d still like to see 150 on the scale, but I’m at my goal size so…) it’s really hard to get my “why” in my head. Before it was the size 8 skinny jeans, or the 50 lb mark…now I’m pushing for performance. To keep up with shelle in cycle class, to rep out on all of Jillian’s crazy push-ups, to get rid of the belly fat that drives me nuts. These aren’t numbers, they are concepts, and though attainable, hard to measure. (Other than the push ups.)
So here is where I am today:
Lbs lost: 55
Pants: size 8’s are comfy, even after a cycle class. 😀
Push ups: 2×10 military style, with limited ROM.

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