Active recovery week

Because I want to wear my skinny jeans on thanksgiving and I know that intense exercise makes me swell up like a sausage, I’m taking this week as an active recovery week. Here’s what that means: 

-As much walking as possible. It’s really cold this week, and supposed to rain tomorrow and Wednesday on top of being cold. I may end up walking alone in the frigid early mornings to save Lexi having to be out in the yucky weather.  
-lots of water. I’ll be pumping fluids and flushing out my muscles. Lots of lemon water and chamomile tea!
-eating clean-as much as possible. 
Expectations: honestly, my goal for this week as far as results is to maintain. I hope to lose a little water from my worn out muscles, but as long as I don’t swell up, I’m golden. 🙂 
I’m trying to put this in perspective. It’s one week. Everyone needs and deserves a break. I’m not going to go nuts with food, and no matter what, I’m launching back in a week from today. Argh…I’m such a control freak…

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