I think the hardest part of fitness for me is  consistency. There’s the part that’s momentum and habit, and I’ve basically sorted that out-I need to do *some* sort of exercise daily, even if it’s a very light walk. The harder part, particularly for maintaining one’s progress, is sustainability. If you’re working out at 4h a day to lose weight, you’re only gonna be able to do that so long before it’s just not practical or necessary. Take it from someone who knows. 😉 this time around I’ve really tried to tweak my weight loss plan into something that could morph into a healthy lifestyle habit when I’m done losing weight-which I think will be this calendar year! More on that in another post. Right now I’m doing 35 min 4x a week of this JMBR program. God willing, I’m going to finish that by the end of this Calendar year, and provided I’m not pregnant, I’ll be transitioning into a toning/maintenance phase of my fitness journey. If I was working out 4 hours a day still, I’d have a lot of questions along the likes of where to make cuts, but since I’ve stripped down my program, my routine/time spent need not change. I’ll probably swap out walking for a cardio game or DVD when the weather is too cold, but everything else can stay the same: early morning DVD (I’ve plenty to choose from!), light cardio, cycle on Tuesday/Thursday. I’m really happy about that. I’m someone who likes to do a lot of different types of workout, so I’m looking forward to exploring yoga and re-exploring my other DVDs. 🙂

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