So much is changing…

I’ve written this week already about the results I’ve gotten on the scale (4 lbs in a week!!!) and I’ve mentioned the changes in my performance, but there’s more! In the fall of 2011 I had SO much energy even with working out 4h a day, and I’ve been frustrated lately because I’m only averaging half that long of a workout each day and have been struggling to do more than exercise, care for Lexi, and cook. Well, I think that’s changing! Today is my rest day, which usually means I lay around and do nothing due to my sore muscles, but today, I have done a bunch of housework AND taken a long hot bath already! Lexi slept in late and is just now eating breakfast, and I’m working on the kitchen before making my weekly giant batch of breakfast cookies. After (my and Scott’s) lunch Lexi and I will take our daily walk, and during her nap I’ll bake the cookies. I’m excited at what a productive mama I’m becoming. Thank God for renewed health! 

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