To be completely honest…

I’m pretty discouraged today. I’m swollen, my knees are a little sore, I’m behind on things and a little overwhelmed. i need to Zumba and come up with dinner before Scott gets home, because it’s grocery night. On top of these things, Lexi doesn’t seem to be getting enough milk. She’s frustrated during most feedings, and I feel so bad. So I’ve gotta do all i can to boost my supply. Sigh.

One thought on “To be completely honest…

  1. Keep your head up! I know from experience that it is tough to keep to a schedule with kids in the picture. For me, even though my kids are teens and don't need much from me now, I'm still having trouble keeping to a schedule without an outside job creating a structure for me. However, you are a determined gal and I have no doubt that you will pull it all together.

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