Gotta focus differently.

So. I’ve gotten feedback from and talked things out with a few different friends (and Scott), and have come to this conclusion: I have to shift my focus from losing a specific amount of weight by a specific date to just being consistent in my exercise and eating patterns. I think I may have, in all this excitement of dropping what’s left of my baby weight, subconsciously become more aware and more restrictive with my eating. One thing about Whole30 and Paleo that I love is the absence of calorie counting and portion control-in a good way! I ate what I needed/wanted with minimal snacking, and the weight fell off, and my milk supply held steady. Last week, however, when I started exercising, I probably also started eating a bit less, and the shock to my
system of increased activity and reduced food, not to mention Lexi sleeping longer stretches at night, just caused my milk to tank. I’m working on getting it back though, and have high hopes and expectations. I’m trying to wrap my head around needing to eat more in order to shift the fat/muscle balance and keep my milk supply. Basically, I need to be replacing what I burn in order to not create a deficit in my calorie intake. However, I should still be getting fitter and losing fat by building muscle and increasing my cardiovascular ability. I’ve got to let go of the number on the scale entirely and focus on living well. This is a new thing for me, and to be honest, kinda scary. Actually, really scary. To let go of concrete measurable goals, and really just focus on being the best I can in all areas. I’m gonna commit here and now not to weigh myself but once a month at most, and to enjoy this journey. I really have been enjoying the food and the workouts so far, so I’m gonna keep the focus there.

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