so, i went back to the gym on thursday- which was step one in getting my program back on track. that day i did all my strength work, but headed home before cycle cuz i just didn’t feel ready. the hardest part was trusting my gut and not beating myself up all day.  Friday, however, i returned full force! i did every set and rep of my strength work, hopped in the pool, knocked out my 40 lengths, hopped out, dried off then did an hour of yoga with Kim. 🙂 kim always likes to crank it up and challenge us, and this was no exception-we worked on Warrior III for probably a solid 10 min. i used to be intimidated by Kim, but now i am really starting to appreciate her for helping me challenge myself! Saturday we went to cycle, and Though she *said* she’d go easy on us, by the end, even Kathi had to admit she’d worked us hard! It was Zumba Party in Pink day (i lent scott a tee, and i don’t think i’m getting it back!) and, since one of my friends saw me checking it out, i ended up taking part in the last 20 min or so of the Zumbathon! it was my first Zumba, and it was fun, but probably not going to dethrone cycle as my Go-to cardio- might throw it in once in awhile to surprise the muscles though.

                                                      yeah my eyes are closed but look at all the pink!

Today went much like friday- cranked out the strength work, which was slightly lighter on the abs and buns since i knew Krisit would take care of me in those areas in Pilates, then, in Pilates, i finally felt like i wasn’t wasting my time! i’ve done a lot of pilates over the years, and i was initially- for a few weeks- frustrated with the gap between my expectations of a pilates  class and the way Kristi teaches- no longer. today i truly enjoyed the whole class, and am really looking forward to next week. Finally, came the icing on my monday workout cake! Gentle Yoga with Shelle! i love this class, and how totally relaxed i feel coming out of it . Tonight i’m going back for another helping- Yin Yoga with Shelle at 7 pm!

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