Well Hey there! Guess i should let you know where i’ve been the past ummmmm 5 months. *grin*  Where do i start?  i guess here:


The Last time i posted i had just finished my Clomid cycle and gotten back into the swing at the gym. if you look at Point #3 from my 10/19 post, it’s fun to see God’s timing play out. 🙂 WE ARE HAVIN A BABY! My Due Date is July 25!
  I was feelin kinda blegh on 11/29, but i thought it was just because of the Thanksgiving holiday, the totally not organic foods, and being a bit heartbroken from finding out thanksgiving day that my sister in law was pregnant with their third baby- a stark reminder to me that i had no babies. so i just hung out, rested, and didn’t think much of it. then the next morning, i still didn’t feel great, but it was my day off from the gym anyway, so i didn’t worry about another rest day. i was looking in the medicine cabinet for tums or something when i saw the box of pregnancy tests. i thought, “oh, what the heck, i’m almost 3 weeks late…” and so i took the test. before i even set it down the lines had both appeared. i was stunned.  i ran into the other bathroom, where scott was showering, and stuck my head in and announced “Honey, we are havin a baby.” “uhhh what?”  ” i took a test and it is positive.” “are you sure? is there a line or are you squinting?” “No, there is a very clear line.” “Bring it here.”  So i did, and then his head was thrown back, and there was laughter. it seemed so surreal, after all this waiting, but i still called about 10 people and rejoiced!
I kept working out at the same schedule and intensity till christmas. i was dealing with a lot of anxiety, but other than that the notorious first trimester with its much heralded morning sickness and other maladies was nothing like expected. AT ALL. Seriously, i knew the baby was in there, but i had no physical tangible proof except ultrasound pictures. i kept losing weight- or at least not gaining any- the whole time, and i never puked. i took a nap most days, but, i mean, i was still working out 4h a day! The second trimester has been much the same. the only struggle has been anxiety- the whole time so far that;s been a battle, but God is working in me big time and it’s getting better. 3 weeks ago today- 20 weeks on the dot- we were in Nebraska visiting family, and i was kinda bummed i hadn’t felt the baby move in a way that i was sure it was actual movement yet- i’d been a bit obsessed with this for weeks. then, after lunch, i was sitting on the couch watching you tube videos with Jeff, and suddenly OH MY GOSH! there it was! like popcorn in my tummy! it was probably only a minute or two, but i was hooked. i felt the same thing again the next night after supper, then not again very clearly for a few days. on 3/12. less than 48 hours after we got home, we headed in for the big 20 week Ultrasound- i was a bit nervous, but very confident that this baby is a girl. and whaddya know? I was right!
over the past 3 weeks (23 weeks today!) i’ve felt our little Alexandra moving more and more often, and for longer periods of time, and been tested and comforted by God with this trust/anxiety thing. i’m already in love with this baby, and i know that the work i did (and will keep doing) to be healthy and strong and getting to be her Mama makes this she Sweetest Success of all!
I’m not done here-i’m slowly (after fighting the fear a lot) getting back into the swing of exercise. Yoga and swimming will probably be most of what i do until she gets here, but as soon as i’m clear, i’m gonna work back up to 3 spin classes and as much yoga per week as possible. i really miss that endorphin rush!

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