Thinking ahead to pregnancy training

so, i’m not pregnant yet- as far as i know- but the fitter i get, the more i feel it could be iminent. i am also a planner and a control freak,  so i have been doing some research into how to build and modify my program around this. i think i’ve got a pretty solid plan (which i will discuss with my doctor next friday to see what he thinks) and that makes me feel pretty confident.
Something i have been expressing over and over to scott lately is this fear that after all the hard work i have put forth this year that i’m going to get pregnant and lose all the progress i’ve made in getting fit. i am determined for that not to happen.  honestly, if  i find out next week that i am pregnant now, i pretty much do not want to weigh any more at the end of my pregnancy than i do right now. i’m 33ish lbs from my goal weight and i don’t think gaining more than that is neccesary, or even healthy. (i’m gonna talk to my doctor about this, so don’t freak out.) part of this is because i’ve been told the beginning of your pregnancy is a fantastic time to lose weight and because for my own sake and for the sake of my child, i am going to need to bounce back as quickly as possible afterwards. i think that’s true for many women, but it’s especially true for me, because of my PCOS-fatigue and depression are big issues in my struggle, and to be the best mom i can, daily exercise time is jsut gonna have to be a top priority after keepin that baby clean, fed,and loved on. that’s the way it’s gonna have to be- forever. Mama has got to take care of herself so she can take care of you. maybe it sounds selfish, but i know from seeing how i’m a better wife no than i was 8 months ago that the only way i can be the woman God made me to be is if i am getting in that workout time. To that end, here is my general plan:

-2x/week: Cycle class
-5x/week: pregnancy pilates
-3x/week: weight training
-3-4x/week: run on elliptical or swim

When i hit the 2nd Trimester i also plan on starting the Hot Mama’s program at my gym. not sure waht all that entails, but i’m sure i’ll be able to work it all together for a healthy pregnancy.

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