BodyCombat week 2

first, let me recap yesterday (tuesday). it was my first back to back day of weights at the gym, and it went well. i did a TON of ab work first, mixing in my bicep and tricep work, and all that was great. then i did my weight machine circuit. this circuit takes less time every day, and i’m not entirely sure why. maybe i’m taking shorter rests between sets? this may turn out to be a good thing though, as i’ll get into in a bit. After all that strength training, i got on the stationary bike for 45 min. it was decent cardio, though i wasn’t hffing and puffing like usual (on the elliptical) and maybe i could have worked harder. i didn’t really know what to expect from myself though, so i kinda paced myself. it definitely made me want to take a cycle class even more, because with really only a small/moderate amount of effort i went for 45 minutes solid. that was cool.

today was cardio only, but it was also bodycombat day- i love and hate this class. the instructor, Brett, is amazing and funny and high energy and challenging- i am HUGE fan. i have 2 main struggles with the class- my feet hurt, and my lack of cardiovascular endurance. the former will hopefully be at least improved when my new shoes come (YAY) and the only real solution i see to the second is more bodyCombat. now, Brett does teach this class again tomorrow at 8:15 am, but a)that’s hella early for this kinda workout, and b) can my knees/feet handle this?  if you read this blog with any regularity, you know that i am more ambitious than my body can handle sometimes, and i’m trying to sort out if this is one of those times. i don’t think after class today i felt any more fatigued than after a run on the elliptical although i know in a lot of ways i pushed myself a lot harder. maybe this is a sign i am getting fitter, i dunno. i fought to get through that class and took many more breaks than i wanted to, but, i dunno- can i do it again tomorrow? i kinda want to.

The second thought i am having is that after my ride yesterday, i definitely want to do more cycling. i’ve not taken a class yet, but i’m a fairly fast learner, so i am up for the challenge. i think.

i wanna do everything. i love the way i feel after BodyCombat, and i want to get better and be able to keep up. i won’t bore you with typing out my whole thought process, but know i am wrestling with this mentally as well as physically! 🙂

Edit: because i am a goal- oriented person, i’ve made a decision about bodyCombat. i’m obviously going to keep going on wednesdays, but because the second but equal goal right now is to get pregnant, and i don’t see myself doing Combat throughout my pregnancy (or past the first trimester even)i’m going to focus on developing my cycle skillz- because that is something i can do while i’m pregnant. (i know this because there is a gal at the gym who is at least 6 months along who does cycle almost daily!) hopefully after baby i’ll be able to pick Combat back up and work up to twice a week maybe. right now, because i’m so anxious about losing momentum when i am pregnant, i think the best plan for me is to create a program with variety, but also something i don’t have to really adjust while i am pregnant too much.

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