i’ve added yet another form of exercise to my repetoire! Spinning, or Cycle, as they call it at my gym is an intense cardio workout on specially designed stationary bikes. it is the hardest* thing i have ever done, exercise wise, and now i have completed three classes in 6 days- Sat, Tues, Thurs. i am so proud of that.  let me share the experience with you.

Saturday: Get Moving Cycle
Instructor: Ashley
This is the class for beginners, but it wasn’t easy at all. first, we were taught how to set up our bikes, then we were guided through a series of sprints, climbs, and standing drills. i kept up ok, and definitely gave it all i had. it was a 45 min ride, and i think having scott there with me helped immensely. So far, Ashley’s soundtrack was my favorite. effort: 8/10, kept up: 7/10

Tuesday: Get moving Cycle
Instructor: Dee
Dee has a very different personality from Ashley, much more soothing and encouraging compared to Ashley’s more gregarious style, but that’s ok! this class was equally challenging to the first, and i finished, so that was good. it was really really hard, but i am so glad i went. i gave it all i had today because i knew wed would be a day off.  effort: 9/10 Kept up 8/10

Thursday: CycleAbs
Instructor: Susan
this class was gonna be a challenge before i ever walked in. i felt like garbage from the start today, but i decided that if i’m gonna keep this up when i’m pregnant i need to learn to push through that.  when i walked in, i asked the others in the class how long the ride was (i thought it was 45 min with 15 min of abs at the end) and was told “an hour” Whooooo boy! i had only doen 45 min rides, and i was already feeling icky and weak. i figured right then that i’d stop at 45 min. then at the 10 min mark i was telling myself i’d jsut make it to 20 min- i felt so weak and sore! then, at 20 min, i was like, ok, you can make it to 30. then at 30, iwas like, ok- push till 45- you;ve done that before! at 45 min i was like ok, do your best, and finish the ride. and i did! No ab work- probably because it was a sub teacher. that’s ok. i’ll jsut hit them hard tomorrow. i’m so proud of that 60 min ride.

So, that;s been my first week of Spinning, and i can’t wait till saturday! (provided there is no storm interference!)

*when i say hardest, i mean most challenging without causing me some sort of pain or injury, as in BodyCombat, where i struggle because of foot and joint pain more than lack of fitness

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