new week…new thoughts

have i mentioned titling blog posts is the hardest part for me? just a note. moving on….

So, here is how last week ended up:
M: 2.5 hours strength training, elliptical 4.54 miles, 33min
Tu: rest. zzzzzzzzz
W: 2.5h strength training, BodyCombat (OHMYSTARS)
Tr: 33 min Elliptical, 4.05 miles
F: 2h Strength training, 33min elliptical, 4.47 miles

Not bad, all told. i slept all day saturday- almost literally.

Today started a new week, and i’ll be honest, i have high expectations for myself this week. today i started solidly with 2h strength training and  4.46 miles/33 min on the elliptical. i want to be doing more than this, and i have the energy, but my legs just feel worn out from the get go! i’m reminding myself that this is reaally only my 7th workout of this new program and i need to be patient with myself. i really want to be doing 60 min of cardio 5-6 days a week on top of the 4 days of strength training i am doing. right now though, 30 min feels darn near all i can do. i’m hoping varying the type of cardio i do during the week will help me progress quickly.  this week i’ll be trying cycling (tues) and returning to BodyCombat (wed) to break up all the elliptical work. i’m ordering my fancy sulfate free swim haircare stuff today, so hopefully i’ll be able to start swimming a day or 2 a week next week.
  here is what my weeks should look like from here on:

M: strength, elliptical
Tu: Strength, cycle
Wed: Bodycombat
Tr: Strength, Elliptical
F: Strength, Swim
Sa: elliptical (opt if worked out m-f)

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