monday workkout and cardio musings

Happy Monday y’all! so, today’s plan was thrown off a little by some late night family stuff that came up, but i still had a fantastic workout!
no pre-gym pilates today, since i slept into make up for being up late, but first thing when i got to the gym i did most of what i would have done at home. then, i got right into lifting. i was more focused today i think, and it went well. shoulders are still tough, but i am excited to see how i improve. definitely focusing on low weights hi reps, so i build lean muscle but don’t bulk up. as low weights as i can go and still get a burn. i lifted/strength trained for 2.5 hours total before moving on to cardio.

Cardio was tough today, y’all. not quite as bad as saturday, but tough. i did the same interval training program that i did on friday, but pedaled backward on the high resistance intervals. maybe it’s cuz i’m still a little sore from friday, maybe it was cuz i worked hard on legs today, i dunno, but i struggled to finish the 33 min. i took a break to stretch ant got back on to try to do some steady state running with no resistance, but it was not to be. that’s fine- i don’t want to overtrain or burn out.   i feel like i got a good workout and i guess i can be patient and work up to an hour total of cardio each day. i definitely feel more tired than i did friday at this time. maybe i’ll keep with the 30 min each day this week and go for 45 next week, and move on from there….

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