my morning long tantrum

this entire morning has been me throwing a fit because i am stressing myself out over nothing. Here’s the thing: i pretty much hafta modify every workout program i start because of my knee/ankle issues (pilates is the one exception) and for 8 years i’ve been aware of and ok with that. i’m a lot stronger now than i’ve been in a long time, and maybe that’s why i’m feeling pissy about having to modify my Jillian michaels workouts. my knees are still hurting from all the lunges and plyo squats i did on tuesday, and today when i tried yet another new type of squat, it was really painful in the wrong ways in addition to the right ones. so, i’ve been having a tantrum. mostly internal, but with intermittent textual outburst in Scott’s direction. not all of it has been related to today either- i have this fear that as soon as i get pregnant everything i’ve been working for will stop and i will shut down and lose all my progress. i can’t have that happen. i’ve worked through most of this mentally and come to some pretty solid conclusions, and i’m happy with that. the bottom line is that i will still be getting a good workout, and that’s what really matters- not how many squats and lunges i do.

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