things that are bugging me this morning.

so, for some reason i am up 1.4 lbs from my lowest weight (7/1) and i’m really not happy about that. i mean, i’ve eaten pretty flawlessly this month, and the past 3 weeks i’ve been working out consistently, so what gives? (i know, i shouldn’t be on the scale in the middle of the week… i was curious though.) again, the math is what really gets to me-at the very least, from pure number crunching, i should be *down* 8 lbs since 7/1, but y’know… i’m not. ugh. Now, to be fair, my waist and hips are each about an inch smaller… but i want to see that scale move too! can i really be gaining so much muscle that i’m overcoming the fat loss with it? sigh. all this is gonna serve to make me an even better trainer when i get my certification, because i swear it is not supposed to be this hard, and i’m gonna be able to empathize so well with any client that struggles. i’m so glad i have a husband who is patient with all my frustration and agonizing and never being satisfied- imagine how much he has to hear this stuff! i really can’t wait till i can get in the swing (well in a matter of speaking) enough with my circuit training that i’m ready to start adding cardio in the evenings. i could use the weight loss extra credit!

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