thoughts before my second JMO Program workout


Ok, breakfast has been eaten,  coffee and water are sitting on the desk next to me, and i’m gearing up to give my all to whatever Jillian has in store for me today. i want- no, i *need* today to go better than tuesday did. i need to get my metabolism cranked up, burn as many calories as i can and build as much lean muscle as i can. to that end, i have a few thoughts.

  • Jillian says do the whole workout at once, no rest. well, as much as i love listening to and applying every word Jillian says…i also know that if i try to do that, my for is gonna start to suffer big time in the later circuits, and i’m gonna end up injured. Since i don’t have Jillian here to correct my form constantly, i think i’m going to complete the first 2 1/2-3 circuits, take a few minutes active rest, and come back to finish. the last thing i need is to be sidelined by an injury.
  • Pacing/energy expenditure is something i struggled with the other day- how much do i give to the exercise in the moment? i thought about this a lot on my rest day yesterday, and i think the answer is this. take the time to do the move correctly with good form, and do not rush. on cardio intervals, do pace yourself so that you are able to keep moving the entire time. as far as how much to give, i think the answer is this: give fully in the moment-don’t save energy, because realistically, it’ll be there when you need it. Jillian always says not to phone it in, and that when you feel like you can’t give anymore, that’s the time to really push and give more. the body is capable of more than we give it credit for, and i think a big part of this is mental strength too. 

today i am definitely going to finish every set and rep of this workout and i’m going to, after a rest, follow it up with my kettlebell workout.
Today i am going to do things i didn’t think i could.

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