re-branding thoughts

so, i’m thinking i want to re-launch my fitness podcast with a new name and slightly new focus, and change the name of this blog too. the new name, because, well, the “RDQ” name is something associated with a time in my life that is now over- i hope to return to roller derby at some point, but i’ve got other things i’m pursuing right now, and while i’ll always look back on being “The RDQ” and working for Scott Sigler as a great experience, i’m a very different person now, and i think i need to own that even more by owning my online face as ME- not what someone else has dubbed me. (which is not to discount many many fond memories of Sigler calling me “RDQ” or “Roller Derby Queen”- i’m smiling just thinking about it. good times.) So, yeah. by the time you’re reading this i’ll have changed the blog title, and probably asked my friend Re to make me a new podcast logo with the new name for that too. it’s likely to still have workouts, and advice, and encouragement, but also i wanna share stuff i’m experiencing and learning- maybe similar to an audio version of this blog. thoughts?

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