a Thank You and Dedication of sorts

This is the only picture i could find of Tee Morris and i online- but i think it kinda works. Tee has been an amazing friend and cheerleader on my weight loss journey and just plain in life.He is someone who has stuck by me unabashedly while others have turned their backs. He’s given me opportunities to support him and encourage him too, which is, i’ve gotta say, one of the most valuable things in a friendship for me. Today, though, i’m thanking tee for believing in me and encouraging me to believe in and be myself. At a time when i wasn’t sure where i fit and who i wanted to be- after a major life event made me re-evaluate pretty much everything i valued- Tee told me to be true to me. the best example of this was what he wrote in my Podcasting for Dummies book: “Next time you podcast, do it for *you*.” i cried when i read that, because in that moment i knew Tee *gets* me. he knows i am a people pleaser and before all these changes, i did what it took to fit in and please the people i loved- which can be good to a point, but Tee was encouraging me to do and be what was/is right for *me*- this way there are fewer regrets, and a lot less heartache. Tee, i love you, Brother, and you will never know what a blessing you are to me on a daily basis. THANK YOU!

(photo credit: Doc Coleman)

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