war on sulfates!!!!

ok, so remember how i read Master Your Metabolism last month and found it life changing? well, the changes we made in our lifestyle starting that day were really only phase 1 of the makeover. Here’s an update on how it’s been working out and what phase 2 is:
Phase 1 was mostly about food. Now, i’ve said a million times on this blog how my weight problem isn’t about food. that’s still true, with a big HOWEVER in it. i have been eating healthy fairly consistently for 8.5 of the almost 9.5 years we have been married. HOWEVER-because of cost or effort or whatever, the QUALITY of the food we’ve been eating hasn’t always been the best. reading MYM made me decide to try upping the quality of our food in the following ways:

  • organic (or at LEAST Hormone Free) meat and dairy- this is really easy to do when you shop at Trader Joe’s. i’ve also found a local source for Grass-Fed beef. http://www.greenwaybeef.com- they ship to you if you aren’t local!
  • LOTS of fresh, and often Organic Fruits and Vegetables! We have a farmer’s market that is located about half a mile away- TOO EASY!
  • Quality grains- i’ve fallen in love with quinoa and the Harvest Grains Blend from Trader Joe’s. Also, Steel Cut oats for breakfast.
  • Quality fish. Again, Trader Joe’s is an incredible source for this.
  • Sensible snack foods- there are 2 snack foods i am keeping on hand at all times- Veggie Straws, and Almonds. i actually count out the recommended serving size and eat just that. go figure. 😉

Initially i was scared our grocery bill was gonna blow sky high when i made these changes, but y’know what, it didn’t. i’ve been tracking it, and i’ve found we are spending a solid 25% less on groceries and also eating out less! Trader Joe’s is a HUGE part of this, and i am so thankful we have one so close by! As far as the effects of these changes- well i dropped a chunk of weigh immediately- see my end of june entries- and so did scott- and we both just FEEL better on a daily basis. Scott is even *enjoying* all the vegetables and stuff!

Phase 2 has been about eliminating environmental toxins, and it’s a little bit trickier, as the better alternatives in some cases cost more, and it does require replacing some objects flat out.

  • Plastic cookware and storageware: this is still in progress, but because of the abundance of BPA and other chemicals in most plastic, i’ve replaced all of my storageware (which i sometimes microwave in) with glass. this cost me $30 (found an awesome set at Sams Club). i already have an awesome set of pyrex mixing bowls, so that was a big help. I still need to get some BPA free big tumblers and pitchers, since i make and drink LARGE amounts of tea, and my nalgene bottles get gunky cuz they are hard to clean.
  • Cleaning Products: i have not started this part yet, but i looked at Trader Joe’s and there are alternatives to some of the harsher cleaners. every little bit helps.
  • Personal Care Products: Finally to the point of the title of this post. Sulfates, phalates, and Parabens are not good for the environment, or so i’ve read. What i’m really concerned with though, is they are not good for PEOPLE! they are Endocrine disruptors (easy explaination, they throw off your hormone balance) and especially with an endocrine disorder- i can’t afford that. This week i threw out all my beauty products with these chemicals and replaced them with safer alternatives. this was not cheap. on 4 products i spent $42. now, that’s not much, but compared to what i WAS spending, it was at least double, for the amount of product. if i’m gonna spend that kind of money, it should be at Sephora on something awesome. so, while i have a temporary fix, i’m not satisfied. We happened to be a Trader Joe’s the next night, and i checked out what they have. better prices for Sulfate Free products in larger bottles than i was paying for the products WITH the chemicals. i have yet to try thym, but i’m sure gonna give em a shot!!!

more updates as they come!

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