it was always a matter of time…

yesterday i took a step on my fitness journey that had been coming for awhile- i joined Jillian Michaels’ online program- it’s both not a big deal and kinda a big deal- here’s why: food wise, i’ve been following Jillian’s orders for awhile already, and i’m already doing her workouts.BUT- there is SO much more to this program than just eating right and working out- if you want there to be- a whole wealth of options and information and recipes, and encuragement, plus a number of opportunities to get your concerns directly in front of Jillian for possible interaction/answers from her. i’m really glad that i did this, and excited to see what’s to come of it. i’m also a little frightened at the moment, because i’m about to start my first workout in the program! i don’t have to do them till thursday, but, ummmm PLYO pushups?!?!?!? oh pray for me., y’all!

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