Dang Holidays…

so this month has been… off track. the first weekend of the months was incredibly busy , and while it shouldn’t have, that really threw me off. my first workout of the month was on the 12th (!?!?!?) of the month. Then, i got my period, which was a mixed blessing- cuz YAY my body is starting to function but BOO, i felt like crap for 5 days. i’m gonna say this in positive terms rather than beating up on myself. that’s more productive. i’ve worked out five times this month so far- three times last week and twice this week. i got a new Jillian Michaels DVD for my birthday (Shred It with Weights- an kettlebell workout) and it absolutely kicks my butt every single time- I LOVE IT! i feel like i’m getting familliar with it, and since i am taking a hiatus from swimming (due to being burned out on getting up so early!) it’s essential that i still get a really good cardio workout- kettlebells are my ideal workout- strength and cardio at the same time- i love circuit training but i HATE almost every cardio interval- this solves that- in the level 1 workout there is only one interval that feels like straigh up cardio, so that’s good. today i also did my self-designed circuit, which was really fun. hopefully next week i’ll be able to add in the buns and thighs pilates moves i just didn’t get to today. i’m also going to add my Jackie Warner upper body workout back in. all together it should be about 70 min of exercise on M/W/F and 100 min on tues/thurs. that sounds like a lot, but it’s really jsut about the same as what i was doing in may and june, with kettlebells replacing the swimming. i do kinda miss swimming. i’m also supposed to be adding that back in next week, but i’m not sure….really gotta avoid overtraining and burnout.

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