time to adjust again

this morning my alarm didn’t go off at 5:30- no idea why. the 6AM alarm did go off, and i bounced up, ate, and got down to the pool. i knew pretty much right away it was gonna be a rough one-the water felt like molasses- but i figured it’d get easier. it really didn’t, and i felt like i was going to be sick. i did 6 sets- all in the 2:30’s- and half of a 7th. at that point i knew i needed to call it done for today on the swimming. i hated quitting early, but i didn’t want to risk not bein able to swim tomorrow from being overtired, or worse, drowning because in my exhaustion i inhaled water. i came home, showered, and rested awhile- the nausea and headache didn’t fade. at 9:30, i started-for the first time- level 2 of Jillian Michaels’ Six week Six pack. i struggled, but got through it. I’d say over half of it is lunge based or otherwise aggravates my still sore knee. most of those lunge based moves also didn’t seem to be engaging my abs in a way i could feel very much- this might have been in part because due to my injury i wasn’t able to get as deep into them as i’d like- standing ab moves are also usually less intense but still effective anyway. This led me to create a circuit that combines all my favorite no impact ab moves with a few cardio intervals, so i can get a great ab workout while my knee finishes healing. it’s a little sore right now, but i don’t think i made it worse during today’s workout, so that’s good.
it’s funny that this happened on a day when i swam so badly- the first swim workout that i started without finishing in almost 2 months of swimming!!!! – but i’m finally at the point where i WANT to work out during the day- by which i mean right now, i am dying to get up and moving-swim, abs, arms, whatever- but i’m holding off because i really want to be able to swim hard tomorrow and friday and saturday. i’m irritated that i missed my swim yesterday, and that today’s went so badly, so i don’t want to do anything to hurt the rest of the week. i’ve also been spending no time at the pool lately. hoping to change that tomorrow and friday.
oh, and as long as i do some kind of workout tomorrow, i’ll finish June at 22 workouts! that may be an all time record for me-i don’t think i’ve ever had a month where i only missed 3 scheduled workouts before. here’s shooting to miss even fewer in july!

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