that’s this week’s official weigh in. i can’t believe it. i mean, i know i’ve earned it. i know i’ve been working hard enough. wowsers. it;s literally been almost 6 years since i saw any number in the 180’s on my scale- until last week. when i weighed in ay 189.8 last monday, i thought “it’d be awesome to see 185 next week…” but, like any good Biggest Loser Devotee i knew better-if you dropped a big number this week, next week will be small. that;s how it goes, and i was prepared. Well look at this. big numbers 2 weeks in a row! (i’m gonna estimate last week at about a 4lb drop- it’s hard to say because i was a bad girl and weighed myself too often, but it’s between 3-6.) I’M SO VERY EXCITED!

That good news was needed as i woke up this morning, because i missed my swim today. 😦 i just could not get to sleep last night. it was probably close to 1 am when i finally drifted off. i slept in late today (around 9:20) and decided not to beat myself up. i’ll do a little strength training at some point, but i think my body does need a teeny break. i’ve been pushing really hard in the pool, and i don’t wanna overtrain and burn out. i have this mentality of “well on the Biggest Loser…” but reality is that i am not surrounded by medical professionals and as much as i know about training, i’m not Bob or Jillian. i need to do what *I* can do and do it well.
i started panicking last night a little bit- What am i gonna do when it’s too cold to swim outside? well, it’ll take a little more determination, and a bit more time, but i’m just gonna have to take my act to the gym. i’ve still got a solid 10-12 weeks here at our apt pool though. i do have to have a solid plan, though, because maintenance is the toughest part.
oh! Measurements.

Weight: 186.4 (3.4/23.6)
Waist: 32 (.5/4)
Hips: 42.25 (.75/3.75)
Thigh: 23.25 (.75/2.75)
Bicep: 11.5 (0/1.5)

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