End of month Wrap up.

Well, i did it! i finished May strong! i worked out 17 times in May and i can feel my body getting stronger. i’m still stuck at the same weight/size for the moment, but i’m fairly certain that’s about to change.
Last week:
-Swam 32 laps 6x
-1/2 six week six pack level 1 2x

This week so far:
-Swam 32 laps

-swam 32 laps
– 1/2 six week six pack level 1
-Jackie warner 20 min upper body circuit
-Pilates Buns and thighs

The plan for the next 3 days is to repeat today’s workout, and saturday jsut swim my 32.
I’m really proud of what i’ve done so far and i cna’t wait to see myself get stronger!

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