wednesday workout notes

i woke up at 5:45 this morning and got in the pool at 6:25. i took my time getting ready. 😉 swim went awesome and i’m really proud of myself for getting up. with having Kelly here i knew my schedule was gonna be off a bit, and sure enough, because her skin is so fair we elected to have pool time from 9-11 before the sun got too high. i swam a few laps with her, and mostly jsut splashed around. i was gonna work out when we got home, but because i had eaten breakfast so early- at 7- it was time to eat when we got home. on top of that, i’m really sore and tired from yesterday and from being up early. i’m not sure if i’ll come back around to strength train, but i’m going to definitely pick it back up tomorrow and friday. i’ll letcha know what happens. 😀

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