ok. somethin clicked.

so, i’ve been waiting for something to click in my head about my workouts. i think it just did. like i said in my last post, i tend to be all or nothing, throwin the baby out with the bath water. well that needs to stop. i need to celebrate my daily victories and continue to challenge myself but not burn out by overloading myself with unrealistic plans and expectations and feeling a failure when i don’t meet them. in light of this mental breakthrough, i’ve got a new plan:

Week 1 (this week)
swim 32 laps M-Sa
first half of 6w6pack L1 (Tu & R)

Week 2:
Swim 32 laps M-Sa
first half of 6w6pack L1 (m/w/f)
Jackie Warner Upper Body (MWF)
Kettle Bells (MWF)

Week 3:
Same as week 2 but with the strength training m-f

Week 4:
Same as week 3 but doing all of the Jillian DVD.

and… progressing from there, adding laps every other week and moving to level 2 of Jillian and increasing weights and needed. 🙂

i don’t have to do it all at once! (duh!)

2 thoughts on “ok. somethin clicked.

  1. This is definitely something that I'm dealing with myself. Keep up the hard work and make sure you are watching your calorie intake.

    One of the best things i've done is switch to the Jillian meal replacement drinks for breakfast. I've dropped 5 pounds simply because it's easy to still have breakfast with the drinks and they only have 180 calories.

    You might want to consider it.

  2. thanks Allie- food is most definitely not the problem- it;s just that my body hasn't caught up with how hard i'm working. it'll click physically like it has mentally. like i;ve said before- if anything i have trouble getting enough calories- it's definitely not that i'm eating too much.

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