today was my 13th workout this month. i’m pretty proud of that, considering i probably haven’t worked out 4 times 3 weeks in a row in at least 2-3 years, if not longer. next month i’m gonna shoot for a perfect 26 workouts, but for the month of May 2011 i will be really proud to finish at 17. i’m sitting here at the table drinking today’s dose of green tea, and trying to figure out whether i am going to be content and proud of today’s swim- which i did in 34 minutes, which i think is my best time yet- or whether i am gonna give Six week six pack another try today. i feel like i did pretty well at the part i did tuesday-i mean, it was my first time through, and i didn’t get every rep in on some of the moves, and it’s gonna be awhile before burpees are my thing- if EVER- but my abs are sore, so i did somethin right. one of my problems is that i decide things are not for me too easily sometimes, and i think that sabotages me. back in 05-the last time i successfully lost a large chunk of weight-i used the parts of Slim in 6 that worked for me, and left out the parts that did not, and i got great results. i think the same is true for this workout. i need to kick butt at the moves that work well for me, but also go at my own pace when i need to, and not do the moves that aggravate my injuries. Not throwing the baby out with the bathwater is key. also, it’s intense cardio, so i need to be willing to hit pause. going into this i had decided i did not want to do that, but the more i think about it, why not? i’f i’m gettin up and swimming at 7 or 730 in the morning, there is no reason i don’t have time for my 35 min workout to take 40 min or so as i adjust to the new amounts of exercise. next week i am adding in upper body work, so theoretically it’ll be just under 2 hours of exercise per morning. if i’m getting up at 6:30 or 7 am, i have plenty of time to accomplish that and still enjoy my afternoons at hte pool. 🙂

another issue that’s been on my mind is this: how am i going to work out once i have a baby? yeah, i know, postpartum workouts are at least 10 months off, (considering as far as i know i’m not even pregnant yet) but i don’t want to lose everything i’ve gained, physically and mentally. i guess the answer is likely to be walks with the stroller and dvd’s while the baby sleeps. i’m prayin now for the discipline to do that. for now, i’ll drink this tea and let Jillian kick my butt. 🙂

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