thursday wrap up.

day 2 is always really hard. i was kinda prepared for this, but it was still a really hard day. i woke up at 630 am and made breakfast. at about 8 i started my first workout. it was the Kickboxing/booty/core workout and it took me about 40 min with all the breaks, which was fine since it was my first time all the way though it. as with the other kickboxing workout i’d tried, it was pretty strenuous, but in a really good way. i didn’t get in all the reps on everything, but i really enjoyed it and felt like it will be a good addition to my program. i took a break, then launched into my circuit. i got through it okay physically, but the whole time and right after i was struggling emotionally. i made note of some of my thoughts:

– i do not want to work out anymore.
-looking in the mirror to check my form is so depressing. all i can see is all the fat in my face and flopping around at my middle.
-i start to feel like i’m getting somewhere (with weight loss) and then i see all this excess fat and i feel so very discouraged.

Then, as i got in the shower, i started to try to get some realistic perspective on it all- having been through this all before, i reminded myself of how my body works.

-i am going to be swollen and bloated for possibly up to 2 weeks. i must think longer term and know that if i stick with this, the weight and inches will come off.

– when i want to take a day off or give up i must work out anyway- even a smaller amount of exercise on a consistent basis will have more benefits and effects than large amounts of exercise less consistently.

-i need to take this one day at a time, one workout at a time.

i showered, shaved my legs, and spent the afternoon at the pool. when i got home and changed, i ate a snack, settled down to read, and fell asleep. later, i had a nice evening with scott, and went to bed at a decent time. one day at a time.

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