it feels like starting over…

…whenever i haven’t worked out consistently in awhile. i know that where i am “starting” from this week is way beyond where i was in early january when i started this round of craziness, but it doesn’t *feel* like it. here’s how my workout week so far has gone:
Monday: Rest Day. spent most of it at the pool.
Tuesday: lady issues made me really tired, but i didn’t want to start this new month by doing nothing, so i got scott to do the first day of the 100 pushup program with me at like 930 last night. it counts. (and it;s an area where i know i’m improving. the sets were tiny but they felt GREAT!)
Wednesday. ohhh today glorious hump day. i spent the morning really crunching numbers and figuring out what i needed to do to get my calorie burn right for hitting 175 this month. i’m not sure that i *will*, because my body hardly functions the way science says it should, but i’m gonna do everything i can to hit that goal. after lunch, i decided to jump right into a new workout-cardio kickboxing, since i’ve developed a love for this no impact cardio thang. it was SO fun and SO awesome and SOOOOOO hard! Not hard as in too advanced for me, but hard as in a challenge to my cardiovascular fitness- which is exactly what i need. i had to take a LOT of breaks to catch my breath, (took me 45 min to get through the 22 min workout)and i got lost a LOT, but both those things will resolve themselves as i repeat the workout. at the end of that 45 minutes i was pretty disappointed in myself. i hadnt kept up like i’d wanted and i knew that the 100 min of kickboxing style cardio i’d wanted to accomplish in addition to the circuit were not all going to happen. in fact, i was pretty sure i was done for the day. (my chest is still wheezy 3 hours after finishing.) i’m trying to gain better perspective on this. i worked out harder than i have probably worked out in months if not a year or more. no, i did not hit that 2k calorie burn goal today, but hopefully the bump my metabolism got will be enough to push me toward my goal anyway. i’d have taken a little break and gotten back into it, but we have dinner with scott’s grandparents tonight and i didn’t wanna show up all worn out- or worse, sweaty because i’d worked out to long to shower. yes, my health and weight loss need to be a priority, but today i had to make the judgement call that was wiser long term. tomorrow is a new day, and i’m hoping to get in bed early enough that i can get up and get ALL my exercise in first thing tomorrow and reward myself with sunshine at the pool in the afternoon. i’ll let y’all know how that goes…

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