Friday mornin thoughts.

i’m committed to sharing everything here-good, bad, ugly- both in hopes that you’ll be encouraged that you’re not alone if you’re struggling on this journey too, and because it’s an easy way to keep a record for myself, in case i have to go through it again- i don’t wanna lie to myself and say in hindsight “oh it was so much easier last time…” cuz, ummm this isn’t easy. jsut because of timing and general sluggishness, i’m probably not gonna get my workouts in till after lunch, but that’s ok. i’ve come to realize that at this point in the game, the important thing isn’t doing everything my body can and burning every last calorie possible (that starts…next week ;-)) – no, the important thing is getting in a good cardio burn every day. even if i just get through my circuit once, that’s something. i don’t see myself stopping there, even on a tired day, but consistency is king right now.
more later, after i’ve worked out.

One thought on “Friday mornin thoughts.

  1. I wish I kept better records of the things that give me trouble, because I tend to go through them multiple times and don't always remember what worked last time. Even if it's not going to work quite that way again, at least it's a starting point. But not journaling/blogging is part of the trouble!

    *hugs* Cheering you on!

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