Spring 2011 workout plan

ok, so it occurred to me maybe y’all would benefit from knowing the plan- if you wanna join me, or just are interested in what works for me. i’ve been tweaking this program for awhile, and now i’m gonnal et you in on phase 1 of the plan (phase 2 is subject to change based on pregnancy and whatnot, but phase 1 is set in stone.)

1:The core of my program is a HIIT circuit that i created and, i must say, it is butt kickin. i’m including in it the 100 pushup program.

2: i’m also including a 10 min cardio workout that is a circuit of the cardio moves from the circuit that i can fit in any time and torches major calories and keeps the metabolism firing.

3: starting next week, i’m going to add in a 20 min pilates DVD. eventually i’ll move on to the 50 min series, but we have to start somewhere. right?

4: Swimming. this is something that for now will happen as often as possible, and hopefully by early may will be something i can fit in every day. (my pool is in need of cleaning right now, and gym consistency needs work…_

5: hiking, walking, elliptical: these won’t likely be every day like items 1-4, but they are awesome forms of cardio that i fully intend to incorporate.

Now, to some of you, maybe this sounds like a lot, but truly, it’s what it’s gonna take, and it;s far less stress on my body than a lot of high impact work. other than item 5, all of it is NO impact, and just awesome. i’m hoping that by the end of the next 9 weeks i’ll be able to move on and actually do some plyo and stuff because of having less weight on my joints. 🙂

so the plan is items 1-3 tues-sun and items 4-5 as often as possible, with item 4 becoming part of the daily plan by early next month.

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