April goals

as i begin a new month, i’m setting up a few new goals to help give me focus. april is going to be a pivotal month for me, for a lot of reasons, most unrelated to weight loss. weight loss and fitness are going to be huge and important this month, though, and i think i’ll be crossing some big milestones. the word of the day, week, month, and possibly year is FOCUS. i tend to get distracted, dragged down, and discouraged far too easily. to keep that from happening i’m going to focus on the smaller goals- more on the 4-6 week level thatn the 4-6 month level.
that said, here are my goals for april:

Size 12. period. it *was* my goal for march, but the cleanse- as awesome and effective as it was- didn’t lend itself to exercise, which is my major source of inch loss. right now i have two pair of size 12 jeans. i can get both pair up and over my bum comfortably and one i can button and zip without much effort- the problem is the majestic muffin top. yeah, that’s not acceptable. i’ve got a pretty good workout plan mapped out for the next 6-10 weeks (which i’ll lay out in another post), so i really and truly think it’s doable. for me 14 to 12 is always the hardest size gap to bridge, so i would love to say oh, i can easily get down to an 8 by the end of may, but i’m not looking that far ahead. April. Size 12. i don’t know what that is going to look like in pounds lost. it could be anywhere from 8 to 20 lbs. i honestly have no idea, and if i am losing inches, i don’t really care. i have weighed 130 and worn a size 10, and i have weighed 160 and worn a size 8. i couldnt tell ya. 😉

an equally large goal for me is this: i want to complete 6 workouts a week every week this month. consistency is my biggest struggle- which you likely already know. so. 24 days of working out this month.

size 12.
24 workouts.
starting tomorrow.
let’s go.

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