Whoa! i SEE something!

So, i forgot to come write a post summarizing the results of my cleanse, and something happened this morning to remind me-so here we go.

i lost 14 lbs in 2 weeks. i also lost an inch each off my waist, hips and each thigh. i feel amazing. i don’t crave, or honestly even want junk food anymore. i ate a poopload of pizza last friday because my brain said i wanted it, but my body let me know all weekend that we are not interested in that anymore. it;s been a week and a half back on “regular” food now, and i’m keepin it off! i worked out on saturday- trying a HIIT circuit that i designed myself, and it was TOUGH but so good. i can’t wait to really get into it and start feeling stronger.
not just feeling the difference, though- i’m starting to *see* it. Scott has seen it ever since the last day of the cleanse. my mom even noticed. the High School girlies and some friends at church have noticed. but for me, it’s been hard to see. i’ve caught a glimpse or two, but nothing major. until this morning. I’m dressed for today’s workout. one less excuse when it’s time, right? 😉 i got up to go to the kitchen to make tea, and i saw this:

it kinda caught me off guard! i was aware of my body changing, and i know i’m still toward the beginning of the journey, but i see it! Just for official record keeping and whatnot, i took a second picture.

So, yeah, while still a long way to go, i am getting someplace, and i can’t discount that. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Whoa! i SEE something!

  1. Just went back and looked at your “before” picture. Wow! I can definitely see the difference in the shape of your stomach. It almost makes me want to try a cleanse — but then I remember that I wouldn't last two days :-).

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