Not the best start…

I knew at 10:00 last night that today wouldn’t start well. i had just turned down the blankets on the bed and started to put on my jammies when my wonderful and adorable brother in law showed up at the front door (long story about why he was unexpected) to hang out. I LOVE Mike, i really really do, but i knew this was not gonna help me start this workout week right. Yes, i could’ve just gone to bed, but if you know me, you know i’m very social, and frankly, i don’t get out much. so, i stayed up till midnight, and when i finally got in bed, i was so jazzed from social interaction (i’m such an extrovert) that it took me a good hour to fall asleep. Then, around 2 am, i woke up with a violent cough. i think i was asleep again by 3. all that said, i was OBVIOUSLY not getting up at 6 am like i’d planned, and for up at 8 instead. by 8:15 i was standing in front of the TV ready to attempt the workout that i was 2 hours late for. i knew in the fisrt minute that i was gonna have to eat first. great- now i’m running even more behind. i remembered that it was Tuesday, and that means a weigh in. i went to the scale, expecting to be down a pound or 2 since i’d been so active and eaten so well- especially the past few days. Ummmmm NO. i was up 5 lbs since my last weigh in and i swear it better be hormones, because otherwise i may as well just give up. Needless to say, that really made my slow start of a morning just plain stink to high heaven. it’s 9:23 now, and my plan is to give my Biggest Loser workout another shot at 10, then go for a walk before lunch, and to the gym to swim and walk after lunch. i’m sure i’ll be back tonight to share how all that goes…Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Not the best start…

  1. two words, lactic acid

    For me it always takes 2-3 weeks to start showing results on the scale after getting back into exercise. Your body does a lot of things thinking it needs to to survive. Why is it so hard to lose weight? Because as humans we are designed to store extras for when we need it, as if we are still cavemen who go through hunger days. Evolution hasn't caught up to the fact that most of us get to eat daily… well not most of us, most north americans… there are still so many who go without, but that's not the point of this comment. So take a deep breath the 5 lb gain is more likely your body screaming “No I need that!” and it will eventually shed off.

  2. Thanks, Re. i guess i just feel like i'm racing against the clock. my disease gives me a much shorter span of childbearing years, and i just want to make the most of it…

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