getting stronger

so, we went to the park to walk/jog trails last night. aside from a couple blisters and sore ankles, it went well! we improved on the pace from our previous walks by a full minute, and did 3.14 miles in 1 hour 7 minutes. i ran a couple little sprints, which was a little bit hard on my ankles, but also kinda encouraging in that i actually *wanted* to run!

This morning, i got up at 6:45 and went for a walk at 8. again i felt like running, so i did a little sprint to get started. my ankles were still pretty sore from last night so it didn’t last long- i walked the rest of the hour at a pace faster than last night;s by a whole minute! i can’t wait to see what happens on a day my ankles are less sore!
After lunch today, i popped over to the gym and finally got a swim in. it was my best swim ever to date in a few ways. i did 1050 meters (previous best was 840) in 45 minutes that’s 45 min nonstop swimming, not broken into 4 12 minute segments. i’m really happy. it’s not objectively fantastic, but it’s a start, and i’ll take it!

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