Follow up

i did the Biggest loser DVD at 10 like i planned. took me about 10 min longer than it shoulda but i finished. i didn’t do amazing, but i did it and that counts. then i almost immediately laced up my sneakers and went for a walk0 this walk stated incredibly- every time it told me my pace it was in the teens/mile: 14. 16, 17… awesome! best ever! my ankles rewarded me for this new power by hurting so bad i only lasted 22 minutes. still, i did 2 workouts this morning and that is awesome. i may go swim tonight, and i may not- i’m really overtired from last night, so i may just pick up the slack by swimming extra tomorrow afternoon.

One thought on “Follow up

  1. You are making me tired just reading this! I would never attempt two workouts in one day. You must be bucking to be the new Wonder Woman :-).

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