day 2 always sucks.

whenever i start a new workout program- and yesterday was a new start for all intents and purposes- the second day is hell. today was no exception. i got up at 6 am, had my coffee and yogurt, and at 6:45 i started my Biggest Loser workout. i was really lightheaded the whole time, so i took lotsa breaks (after each Circuit) to catch my breath, but i still only made it halfway thru. i guess i was too tired, or i needed a better breakfast, or something. i took my gym bag with me to go play with Timmy, and fully intended on going to the gym. i knew halfway through the morning though that wasn’t happening. i was feverish with exhaustion. i did however jump on the trampoline with Timmy for about a half hour, and that was fun. somehow i seem to have landed wrong or something, because my sciatic nerve is going bonkers in my left leg. hooray! i may swim tonight, but i kinda feel like maybe i should take it easy and start again tomorrow.

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