today i slept in till noon. definitely feel like my body is fighting something off. attempted to start an INSANITY workout and realized something. i am just not ready for this. this does not mean i am giving up. it means i’m gonna do something else to work up to it. i can’t go from no workouts for about 8 months to the most strentouous program i have ever seen. i made a chart for myself to track what i’m doing and how i’m sticking to it. here’s what it looks like:
1. Biggest Loser Last Chance workout Cardio
2:walk 60 min outside
3: Biggest loser upper/lower body (add in after week 1)
4: Swim 45-60 min
5: walk 60 min (gym or outside)

i’ll be grading myself each day based on how many of these things i accomplish.
Check (-)= 1-2 things
Check =3-4 things
Check (+)= 5 things.
so. that;s the plan. i get a check minus today because all i’m gonna get to is a 60 min walk outside- but at least that’s somethin!

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